Price comparison service 'PriceOye' to make online shopping easy

09:46 PM | 17 Feb, 2016
Price comparison service 'PriceOye' to make online shopping easy

ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) There are dozens of stores selling the same products all with wildly different prices and shopping experiences. What can you do, except visit them one by one to find the best price?

It can be an incredible waste of time, and despite your greatest efforts, you still are n’t guaranteed to get the lowest price.

Introducing PriceOye ( a comparison shopping service for comparing prices across the biggest, most trusted online stores in Pakistan! Discover the lowest prices from the best stores to save time, money, and effort on your next purchase.

PriceOye (public beta) makes online shopping simple

:●Quickly search for your favorite products

●View regularly updated price lists for different product variations-based on colour, and storage space-on a single page

●Discover the lowest prices from trusted stores

●Filter products by features to narrow down by budget, and requirements

●Read detailed product specifications and descriptions

“We are solving a definite problem for online shoppers.”says Adnan Shaffi, co-founder of PriceOye. “An overwhelming majority of shoppers make up their mind after visiting at least three different online stores. We’ve designed PriceOye to be the only website you need for gathering important information on your next purchase.” It is shocking how much prices vary online.

For example, when the iPhone6S launched five months ago, the prices varied between Rs.90,000 and Rs.120,000!

Even today, there’s a Rs.15,000 difference across major stores!


Starting with mobile phones, PriceOye will soon compare prices for laptops, home appliances, and more. Prices are just the beginning, as shopping experiences, payment options, and delivery times will be compared in detail, too.

“What you see today is just 5% of our grand vision for PriceOye.”commented Awais Imran, the second co-founder. “Businesses are just starting to tap into the potential of e-commerce in Pakistan. Shopping comparison will grow as e-commerce grows- the signs for which are extremely positive. We are in credibly excited to be apart of it!”

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