Investor's guide for real estate markets of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad

10:51 AM | 17 Jun, 2016
Investor's guide for real estate markets of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad
LAHORE (Development Desk) - Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Lahore will soon announce possession plans for selected blocks in phase VII and phase VIII. Investors have shown great interest in the project.

Meanwhile, development work has been kicked off in Prism IX, and hopefully it will not disappoint the buyers.

On the other hand, repeated price hikes have been recorded in Bahria Town, Lahore, and currently purchasers are keen to put their money in the Bahria Orchards project.

Prices will, hopefully go up in LDA Avenue-I in the coming weeks, however, due to decreased number of available plots in Wapda Town, investors are not keen in the project anymore.

People interested in investing their money in Islamabad are advised to be careful. Prices are greatly decreasing in Bahria Town Islamabad/Rawalpindi as investors are apparently more interested by the group's projects in other cities.

Contrary to this trend, prices are expected to go up in Sector B-17, after the resolution of land-related matters in Block D.

Recently, a price hike has been recorded in DHA Islamabad, however, the trend is pretty slow. Which is an indication that prices are expected to remain stable in this project, at least. But investors should not lose confidence in this project, as there are still reasonable chances of growth. Moreover, the prices will also go up in DHA Valley as soon as development work is completed.

In Karachi, a positive trend has been noted and DHA City seems to be the most productive investment site in the port city. Bahria Town is another option, however, buyers should keep one thing in mind that prices will not be stable in the project in coming months.

According to CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan, changing prices are part of the real estate business and Islamabad's investors should not be worried due to falling prices.

"I am confident that property rates will increase in Lahore, specially after the completion of Lahore Ring Road's south section," Khan said.

About Karachi, he is of the opinion that investors should remain hopeful about the real estate market, despite the fact that prices are trending low due to Ramzan.