Armenian attack leaves 12 Azerbaijani civilians dead in Ganja

01:10 PM | 17 Oct, 2020

BAKU – Azerbaijan and Armenia conflict escalated after 12 people were killed when the Armenian military fired missiles at Ganja. More than 40 civilians injured as well, said the General Prosecutors of Azerbaijan on Saturday.

“Civilians are continued to be saved from the debris of destruction by emergency services,” Hikmet Hajiyev, assistant to the Azerbaijani president, said on Twitter.

Condemning the civilian's causalities, Hajivev added "Treacherous and cruel missile attack of Armenia against civilians in Ganja is a sign of weakness and desperation of Armenia's political-military leadership in the face of its defeat on the battleground,”

He said that initials reports pointed out the destruction of around 20 houses occurred due to missiles attack.

Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) said missiles fired at Ganja were initially identified as SCUD/Elbrus Operative-Tactical Ballistic Missile. 

Earlier Armenian army also launched missile attacks on Mingachevir.

Azerbaijani air defense destroyed Armenian missiles launched at that city, the General Prosecutors of Azerbaijan said in a statement that indicated the hydroelectric power plant in Mingachevir was targeted by the Armenian army at midnight.