Meera held in Lahore for not submitting Rs50,000 surety bond

04:12 PM | 17 Sep, 2015
Meera held in Lahore for not submitting Rs50,000 surety bond
LAHORE (Web Desk) - Film actress Meera was held temporarily Thursday in the dual nikkah case for not submitting Rs 50,000 surety bond.

Meera arrived at the court in Lahore Cantt for the hearing of the dual nikkah case filed against her by husband Atiq-ur-Rehman.

Meera (real name Irtiza Rubab) has been accused by Atiq-ur-Rehman who claims that Meera had entered into a marriage contract with him and later married Captain Naveed in 2013. He claimed that Meera entered into a second marriage contract while still being married to him.


Magistrate Wajid Minhas stated that warrants had been issued against the actress but she did not appeared before the court therefore; as recompense Meera will stay in the court until the bonds are submitted and also ordered the police to abstain her from going out.

In reply, Meera said that she respect the orders of the court and will obey them.

Meera’s lawyer said that her client has been black-mailed through a forged marriage certificate. He claimed that Meera’s alleged husband, Ateequr Rehman prepared the certificate with fake documents.

The lawyer stated that Meera is a renowned personality and civil award recipient however; the case has been made to damage her reputation.

Meera’s lawyer requested the court to dismiss the warrants issued against her client as no summon notice was received to the actress.

Lawyers of both the parties also fell into a brawl with each other during the hearing.

Ateequr Rehman has accused the actress of marrying someone else while she was married to him. He urged the court to initiate legal proceedings against her.

According to the marriage certificate, Meera, 30, tied knot with Ateequr Rehman, 36, in September 2, 2007 with the amount of Mehar being set at Rs5 lac.

The certificate reveals that Meera will receive Rs1 lac monthly expenditure from her husband.


Moreover, the witnesses in the marriage were Muhammad Sarwar and Faraiz Hussain.

Civil judge Lahore Cantt ordered Meera to appear before the court multiple times but the actress failed to make an appearance.

When the actress finally appeared in the court Thursday, the judge ordered that she not be let go until surety bonds worth Rs50,000 are submitted. Meera was permitted to leave when her lawyers submitted the bail bond.