Armeena Rana Khan is not interested in meeting Turkish actor Cavit Cetin Guner

02:36 PM | 17 Sep, 2020
Armeena Rana Khan is not interested in meeting Turkish actor Cavit Cetin Guner

Ertugrul fans have been super excited after knowing that Turkish actor Cavit Cetin Guner aka Dogan Alp in the historical series has arrived in Pakistan.

The news of Guner’s two-days visit is all over social media and his admirers are dying to meet him.

A fan also insisted Pakistani actor Armeena Rana Khan to host a meet and greet with  the Ertugrul star but that ain’t happening anytime soon.

However, th Janaan star is happy to welcome Güner but doesn’t think it’s necessary to go meet him as a member of the local showbiz industry.

“Umm, welcome to him and may he have a great time with you his fans. But why would I do that? Mera rishtaydaar tow nahi hai? Begaani shaadi mein Abdulli dewaani? No offence to anyone,” Armeena responded to the fans request.

As expected, Khan’s reply didn’t sit well with some people and they went on to bash the starlet over her statement.

Armeena is least bothered by any of the rude comments being thrown at her and knows exactly how to shut down trolls.

“Really? If you’re going to disrespect me over other actors then you never respected me in the first place. Now go about your business and don’t you dare threaten me again! I’m here for my fans not disrespectful, seasonal people like you. Idiot,” she said.

Pakistan’s audience is smitten with the entire cast of the Turkish show and seems like the Ertugrul fever isn’t ending anytime soon.

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