Rumours and Wishlist for Samsung S9 and S9+

01:38 PM | 18 Dec, 2017
Rumours and Wishlist for Samsung S9 and S9+

Rumours have stacked up as the launches of Samsung S9 and S9+ are less than three months away. Daily Pakistan Global has compiled a list of hearsays as well as our wish list of what the gadgets should have.

  1. Fingerprint scanner: A Chinese manufacturer, Vivo, beat the giants by putting a fingerprint scanner inside the display. The Vivo Xplay 7 is the only phone yet to have this feature. The S8 was rumoured to have the technology, and obviously, it didn’t happen. Not only would it be more convenient but also make the design a lot cleaner. There’s more. Rumours imply that the technology is still not ready for Samsung to adopt it in the S9, thus it’s more likely to expect the feature in the Samsung Note 9 instead.
  2. Better battery life: After the whole Note 7 debacle, Samsung had to play it safe with their batteries. The S8 battery was 3000 mAh, quite small considering that the Razor phone has a 4000 mAh battery and it's cheaper as well. Samsung also shrunk the battery size of the Note 8 by 5% compared to its predecessor. Its handhelds are notorious for mediocre battery, and Samsungers expect that to change. If anything, we expect to see a 4000 mAh battery in the larger counterpart.
  3. Dual cameras: Every year, there is a trend. Dual cameras and virtually bezel-less phones marked 2017. Samsung has already worked on the latter, though it lacks on the prior. The Note 8 was the first Samsung flagship to be equipped with dual cameras. There should be no doubt that the S9 and S9+ will have them too for there is no other flagship on the market without dual cameras. We can also expect these phones bearing the same sensors as the Note 8, a wide-angle lens and a secondary telephoto lens.
  4. The headphone jack: Most companies have said goodbye to the headphone jack, but Sammy is still sticking on. Thanks for that, and keep it that way. Why? First off, it would be the only phone on the market to have a headphone jack. Secondly, Bluetooth-headphones are terrible! [Even after so many years, there is still quite a lot of latency in wireless headphones. The reaction is normally delayed. They are nimble, making them easy to lose. They must be charged every other hour. You get the idea, I suppose.] Keeping the headphone jack may be wise but it sure will be groundbreaking if Samsung managed to put a 64-bit DAC inside it as well. The Korean giant may punch a scathing insult to the companies who abandoned the headphone jack.
  5. Stereo speakers: Samsung may find it impossible to execute dual-front facing speakers due to the bezel-less design yet it may just follow build on Apple’s tack on iPhone 7 and onwards. Apple had a speaker in the bottom of the phone as well as the earpiece. Though not front-facing but it was stereo, which is pretty much identical. The signature terrible speaker-placement of Samsung flagships must not go unattended either.
  6. IR blaster: One can dream, I know. Samsung killed off the IR blaster with the Note 4. Astonishing would it be to see Samsung put one back in. Not many people avail it, but those who do, use it religiously. Secondly, it was also a fun tool too. You could easily change the channel on any television sets in the world to whatever you desired, just from your phone. The IR blaster probably won’t return but it would be a welcome feature to have.

Now, let’s have a word on the pricing. Though pretty wishful yet everyone would love to see a lower price tag. We may even be shocked by a little bit of price surge due to dual cameras and anticipated fingerprint scanner inside the screen.

Nonetheless, the phone is bound to have tremendous sales. It's anybody's guess whether Samsung has any marketing strategy for these bumper products. Maybe none of the giants has a scripted one. They come, they rule and then others take over. Do you think I missed something? Tweet us your feedback via twitter: @science_smart and @dailypakistangl.