YouTube is now officially 'unblocked' in Pakistan

01:42 PM | 18 Jan, 2016
YouTube is now officially 'unblocked' in Pakistan
ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) - World's largest video sharing website YouTube has finally been unblocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) after the website administration introduced a localised version of web portal in Pakistan.

The website was blocked in September 17, 2012, when the Google which is parent company of YouTube refused to remove blasphemous content from the website.

According to a statement of Ministry of Information and Technology, the website is now available with "" domain name. A treaty has also been signed between government of Pakistan and YouTube about complete localisation of its content, the ministry told Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday.

"Under the agreement YouTube will remove any of the content requested by government of Pakistan including blasphemous content," the statement added.

Earlier YouTube still remains announced a localised version of the video sharing portal in Pakistan which would also be available in Urdu language.

The website also released a new customised logo with “PK” for users in Pakistan.

The website was banned in Pakistan in September 2012, when it refused the content that insulted Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The company and Pakistani government remained in talks for establishment of a localised version of website which would not carry such content.

According to a statement of Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager Zeffri Yusof, the company launched YouTube’s localised versions for Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal in the latest update.

After the development Pakistani users will be able to search and upload videos in Urdu language while local languages of Sri Lanka and Nepal have also been operationalised.