Yasir Hussain calls out people exploiting Covid-19 crisis

01:05 PM | 18 Jun, 2020
Yasir Hussain calls out people exploiting Covid-19 crisis

LAHORE - Pakistan’s tally of coronavirus infections has surpassed 150,000, with about 2,700 deaths. It continues meting out devastation in countless ways as people are exploiting the virus crisis.

The alarming ratio of critically ill patients has boosted the demand for plasma rich with COVID-19 antibodies.

Admits this chaos, reports of the plasma of recovered corona patients being sold on the black market have started to emerge. As anticipated, this highly unethical practice has been condemned on social media with some prominent figures also lashing out at those that may be involved in it.

Actor Yasir Hussain is one such individual who, took to Instagram, to highlight how such incidents aren’t being reported in any other part of the world. “Dunya ke kissi kaafir ne plasma becha? (Did any infidel from across the world sell their plasma?),” he questioned.

He further went onto say, “Lekin hamary yahaan baqi dunya ko kafir kehnay wale plasma bech rahe hain (But here, people who call the entire world infidels are selling plasma).”

The Baandhi actor concluded his message by enquiring, “Aisa kyun? (Why is it so?). Ya Allah rehem (May God have mercy on us).”

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