Turkish shows could damage the local industry: Yasir Hussain

10:51 AM | 18 May, 2020
Turkish shows could damage the local industry: Yasir Hussain

Ever since PTV started airing the popular Turkish show Dirilis Ertugrul, everyone has had a lot of opinions about it.

After Shaan Shahid and Reema, actor Yasir Hussain has also raised his voice against the airing of the much-hyped TV series.

Hussain took to Instagram to rant about how airing Turkish TV shows is damaging the local industry.

" PTV should make decent dramas and use our own actors and technicians. Those actors which are capable and pay their taxes. Both [Imported] clothes and Turkish dramas can destroy the local industry,” he shared.

He added, "When your brother, sister and father will be out of work and Turkish people will be given those jobs, maybe then you'll understand what I'm seeing. PTV is national TV. Keep that in mind."

People on social media, however, do not agree with Yasir and bashed him for being insecure.


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