Pakistani doctors 'cure' male impotence through interventional radiology

09:04 PM | 19 Dec, 2021
Pakistani doctors 'cure' male impotence through interventional radiology

For the first time in Pakistan, doctors at Karachi’s Ziauddin Hospital claim to have cured male impotence, or erectile dysfunction as it is described medically, using interventional radiology.

A 29-year-old patient, who has been cured, was suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by a venous leak, a condition that results in a decreased blood flow through the veins of the male reproductive organ.

Renowned interventional radiologist Dr Kashif Shazlee, who joined Dr Imran Ali to perform the procedure, says the venous leak was repaired using a radiological procedure and the patient made a full recovery. 

Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as male impotence, is one of the several sexual health issues men face in Pakistan. As sex education is a taboo in Pakistan, most people don’t get proper guidance and end up at quacks' clinics instead of going to qualified doctors.

This costs them not only money but their health in many cases because uncertified medicines usually destroy their kidneys.