Sindh Wildlife rescues two blind Indus dolphins near Rohri Canal (VIDEO)

11:52 AM | 19 Jan, 2021
Sindh Wildlife rescues two blind Indus dolphins near Rohri Canal (VIDEO)

SUKKUR – Sindh Wildlife officials on Monday rescued two of the endangered blind dolphins near Rohri canal of Sukkur district.

The rare mammals got stuck in the river due to the closure of canals and after being found stranded a team led by Mir Akhtar rescued two mammals. The dolphins were later released into the River Indus.

Taking it to Twitter, Sindh Wildlife official handle wrote, "Only professionalism, passion & love grants such a power which results in this kind of unprecedented rescue of 02 stranded ‘Indus blind dolphins’ that is one of the most precious animals of the world."

"Barrage Irrigation System was not a hurdle before the unsung heroes of wildlife department GoS. Well done Adnan, Mir, Bhatti, Nazeer, Jabbar and all team members of Sukkur Wildlife Division," it added in another tweet.

The Indus blind dolphin is one of the endangered sweet-water dolphin species. International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) marked the species due to the risk of extinction.

A large number of blind dolphins were found in the Indus River back in the day, but they are rarely found nowadays due to the change in the habitat.

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