World’s top 5 happiest countries of 2021


09:06 PM | 19 Mar, 2021
World’s top 5 happiest countries of 2021

Finland, a Northern European nation, has maintained its top position for the fourth consecutive time in the World Happiness Report 2021, which has been collated slightly due to the Covid-19 pandemic that continues to rage on a little more than a year.

The annual report, issued by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, measures subjective well-being by relying on three main indicators: life evaluations, positive emotions, and negative emotions.

An interesting fact in the report is that the top five happiest countries in the world are mostly European nations.

Top 5 happiest countries:

1. Flag of Finland Finland

2. Flag of Denmark 

3. Flag of Switzerland 

4. Flag of Iceland

5. Flag of Netherlands 

Of the 149 countries featured on the report, Afghanistan was ranked the most unhappy once again, followed by Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Botswana.