Ayeza Khan is a superwoman and here’s why

01:27 PM | 19 Nov, 2019
Ayeza Khan is a superwoman and here’s why

LAHORE- 2019, a year that passed by in a flash, has just one month and eleven days in it until the clocks chime midnight and 2020 kicks off. The last few weeks of a year is, as ever, a time for reflection—and, of course, glimmer with the possibility that our favourite celebrities are just like us.

Social media posts abound on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook sharing photo recaps of the year, listing good (and not-so-good) memories, and sending good vibes for a great—or at least better—2020. 

Speaking of which, Ayeza Khan also uploaded an appreciation post on Twitter, expressing her gratitude towards everyone who outpoured their love and support through a tough year as a celebrity, mother, wife and daughter. She further wrote that her hard work has gained her immense support from her fans, which gives her strength and makes her a superwoman.

The Mere Paas Tum Ho actor has undoubtedly had a busy year donning up her iconic roles and delivering hit performances one after the other. Ayeza started off by addressing the struggle to balance her never-ending personal to-do list with her never-ending work schedule. She recalled days when she had to wake up at 7 am, make lunch for her children, feed them breakfast, drop them off to school and then head to work.

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How was the episode of meray pass tum ho???

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She also referred to the combating the tug-of-war between home and work, just to check if everything was under control. Ayeza’s post implies that the successful actress wants to be an equally successful wife and mother as she talks about managing to keep a balance between giving her family just as much time as she would to her work.

Concluding her post, she says, “Difficult to manage? Honestly, sometimes it is, but I love you all and the amount of love I am receiving from my fans have made me the superwoman and gave me the power to work, dream and make you all proud.”

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