Why you should stay at home on Black Friday 2018

05:04 PM | 19 Sep, 2018
Why you should stay at home on Black Friday 2018

Black Friday is one of the largest shopping events around the world. The day is celebrated immediately after the American tradition of Thanksgiving and this year it will take place on the 23rd of November. The whole day is marked with the most profitable deals and discounts on items that range from electronics and homeware to fashion and beauty items. In the past few years, the day has gained great popularity in Pakistan too, with shoppers welcoming it very warmly especially in bigger cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad and more.

However, even though there is an abundance of deals found in stores the stock can be limited. No surprise that the mixture of the two often results in angry crowds and very competitive shoppers who will do everything to grab the best bargain. If you also consider how tiring in-store shopping can get, when you must walk into every store to check whether your product is on sale, then it’s no wonder that more and more customers every year decide to stay at home and shop online.

If you still have not made up your mind on whether or not you should stay at home and shop online on this Black Friday then keep reading. Below we have created a list with all the reasons why we will be shopping online that will hopefully help you decide.

Online Deals Are Better

Ok, that is not a rule but it is becoming more and truer as years go by. Pakistanis all over the country are using the 3G and 4G network more today than ever before which has pushed retailers into embracing the e-commerce option as one that can help them blossom their businesses. In addition to this, you can get special Black Friday discount codes on voucher websites like Black Friday Global Pakistan. Shops like Daraz , iShopping, and Yayvo are some of the stores you should check for coupons of before you place your Black Friday order!

Cash On Delivery

With many shoppers in Pakistan still being apprehensive about online card payments many stores, like Home Shopping, Goto or PakStyle give you the option to pay at your doorstep. Basically, you add anything you want to your basket and complete your order by adding your delivery address. Afterward, you wait for the courier to deliver your order and you pay him with cash from the comfort of your home. This way you can feel safer while shopping and save on gas because you don’t have to drive to your local mall.

Price Comparison

When you browse for offers from the comfort of your home you don’t have to worry about not getting the best price available. Once you find the Black Friday discounted item you want to buy just add it to your basket and this should reserve it for you for at least twenty minutes. In the meantime, you can check similar websites for the same product and see what type of offers they are advertising. Afterward, you just have to choose the best one! This is impossible to do when you are shopping in brick and mortar stores because you cannot reserve a product and especially not on Black Friday.

Avoid Compulsive Buys

Black Friday deals can get overwhelming. If you are in the store you might feel like if you don’t buy something immediately, you are going to miss out on an awesome discount so you risk ending up with items you don’t actually need or want. When you shop on the Internet you can cross check with other buyers’ reviews and ensure whether or not the item you are considering is worth its’ money.


If nothing else convinces you, staying home and shopping online this Black Friday should be your choice just because of how much more convenient it is. You can beat the comfort of your bed and still not a miss a single promo.

E-commerce in Pakistan is estimated to be a US$1 billion market by 2020, up from about US$100 million in 2016 so it is anticipated that the majority of shoppers will be choosing the online route this year on Black Friday. No matter where you decide to shop, we hope you grab the best Black Friday deals yet!