Afghan govt and Taliban "must reach a political agreement as soon as possible"

09:10 PM | 20 Dec, 2020
Afghan govt and Taliban

KABUL – The United States special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has urged all sides to reach a political agreement soon for peace in the region.

He addressed the issue a day after an explosion killed 15 people, including 12 children, in Gilan district of the Ghazni province.

Taking it to Twitter, Khalilzad wrote 'With the US-Taliban agreement, US-Afgh Joint Declaration, broad intl support for peace & start of intra-Afghan negotiations, the intra-Afghan war and killing have lost their legitimacy in the eyes of the overwhelming number of Afghans who need and yearn for peace and security.'

'The Islamic Republic and the Taliban must respect the demands of their people and reach a political agreement as soon as possible. The United States stands with the people of Afghanistan,' he added.

Khalilzad termed the Friday attack 'heart-breaking', Khalilzad exclaimed the killing and death of Afghans, including civilians, has 'become too commonplace'.

'We condemn the ongoing high level of violence and we condemn all those who authorize and carry out such attacks across Afghanistan, creating terror and bloodshed,' he tweeted.

Meanwhile, the U.S peace envoy said together and with international support, we must 'deal with the menace of unexploded ordnance and mines across the country to save precious lives, children, and adults.'

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