Anonymous Saudi Woman Seeked Help online as her family abused her

10:39 PM | 20 Feb, 2018
Anonymous Saudi Woman Seeked Help online as her family abused her

Saudi Woman disowned and locked up in her room took over the internet for advice 


On Monday an anonymous user who claims to be a 27 year old Saudi woman approached reddit users for advice. The woman stated how her brother is threatening to kill her , how her family disowned her and now she is locked up in her room.

She explained her situation by telling how her mobility is zero and her passport is with her mother. She cannot travel without her guardians permission.

“I’m In desperate need to escape the country” she added 

She asked the users to give her ideas or any facts which can help her in fleeing out of the place.

The abuse was common practice at her house. She explained how she met a guy with whom she fell in love , when he sent a proposal it was rejected by his father and she was “forbidden” to see or talk to the guy she refers to as “R”. Her family then started to look for a suitable guy for her but she couldn’t let go of her love and went back talking to “R”. Her mother found out and abused her. She even tried taking away all sorts of communication medium but the woman resisted. She was then locked up in her room.

Despite the accuracy of this story this is not the first time such case came forward , previously such cases were seen in the Arab world as the “guardian system” oppresses women and young girls in the name of religion.

People stepped forward and gave her the best possible ways to get out of the situation. One user said:

”Your safest bet is to go to the embassies which might have jurisdiction over your situation”

While another shared a list of places where she can travel without a passport.

Some users even offered their place to stay if she manages to flee:

“Please contact me via inbox if you need a safe place to stay”

There were several cases of domestic violence only in 2017 , another girl who made rounds on the internet was Amna Al Juaid who was being abused by her father and Uncle.

Life for women in Saudi kingdom is very difficult as they cannot escape from their abusers as they cannot leave the country without a male escort and living in the country away from their family house would make them a criminal.

Islam is the first religion to give women the rights, enlightened people how daughters are beautiful and must be protected. Humanity in any religion comes first. Are we humans? Is this humanity?  There a a number of cases only from Kingdom which went viral for the same reason abuse is not only in Saudi Arabia it’s around the world. Protection and shelter for victims of abuse have always been a topic which majority of the people won’t discuss. Safety of any human being is the first priority according to the law and the religion. Such cases highlight the darker side of human nature leaving the mind numb. Every life matters!!