'I accept criticism but not for the sake of It' says Ali Zafar

11:52 AM | 20 Jul, 2018
'I accept criticism but not for the sake of It' says Ali Zafar
LAHORE - Pakistan's well-known singer cum actor is all set to shine in his latest movie Teefa In Trouble releasing today Worldwide.  “It took us 16 drafts before we finalised the script,” says Ali Zafar of his new released movie.

Incidentally his first Pakistani film as an actor, that hits the theatres today (July 19). Ali has played a great role in the movie and wore many new hats with this movie – that of producer, actor, music director and writer.

Multi-tasking comes easily to Ali who has previously been seen in Bollywood films like Tere Bin Laden, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Total Siyappa and the most recent one, Dear Zindagi with none other than Alia Bhatt. But with Teefa…, he enters new territory.

Fortunately, the comfort level is already there with Yash Raj Films who he had worked with in Mere Brother..., distributing it in this region, nevertheless, it’s a test of sorts for the singer to prove he could be accepted commercially and critically as an actor in Lollywood.

From the trailers, Teefa… looks like, what in trade parlance would be called, a ‘safe film’. The story of a guy who gets enlisted by the son of a gangster to kidnap a woman for an arranged marriage, the movie appears to have the tried and tested ingredients – romance, comedy, action and sensational music videos.


Ali goes into a strange analogy. “It’s like Biryani, everyone knows how to make it but the ingredients and how it’s made is what makes one dish different from the other.” So what was err… his ingredients in this Biryani? “If you see, stories are limited, so you must focus on how you tell the story. My aim was to ensure that the audience leaves the theatre fulfilled.

"This is a film that has its own set of emotions, it’s a genre of its own. We tried to bring a freshness to the narrative” he expressed.

Of course, the Huqa Pani singer seems aware that the same old ‘my film is different’ excuse won’t really cut with an aware and intelligent audience. “Audiences in Pakistan are like anywhere else. They too are exposed to the best of world cinema and TV shows.

They have multiple choices for entertainment and are in no mood to accept mediocrity,” he says, adding that the experience has taught him the importance of writing – the 16 drafts! “I have learnt that story and content is most important, how you translate what you write is what matters the most among all the varied aspects of production.



One element that can be said to be fresh is the characterisation of his heroine, Anya, played by the pretty Maya Ali. She is seen looking glamorous, and has done a great job along Ali Zafar.“Thank god, this came my way! I have already cried enough on TV, I was dying to do something different,” says Maya. “So when Ali offered me this movie, I accepted it happily.

She has all the predictably nice things to say about her producer. “I have always seen him very calm, it’s not easy. It is to Ali’s credit that he always maintained a positive atmosphere on the sets.”

“I hate negativity though I am receptive of criticism. But if there is criticism for the sake of it, I just block it out,” says Ali.  There is no point in stressing over things.”

Enjoying watching this exciting movie with wonderful tracks and a talented cast. Teefa in Trouble releases today.