Hillary staff allegedly behind campaign to frame Assange as a paedophile

11:57 AM | 20 Oct, 2016
Hillary staff allegedly behind campaign to frame Assange as a paedophile
NEW YORK - Staffers of Hillary Clinton, former US secretary of state and candidate for President had reportedly tried to portray WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as a paedophile, it has been learnt.

A Reddit investigation has directly linked a pro-Democrat Super PAC and a tech company employees with close ties to Hillary Clinton with a smear campaign plot to falsely accuse Julian Assange of paedophilia through an eight -year-old girl.

The investigators sprung into action after WikiLeaks official Twitter handle disclosed story accusing Julian Assange of paedophilia & taking US$1million from Russia.

Wikileaks alleged that the company alleging Assange of paedophilia was also involved in a smear campaign to defame Assange of taking US$1million from Russia in a bid to show whistleblower in bad light.

On Tuesday, a finalised report of the investigations into the originality of the dating website Toddandclare.com and its parent company T&C Network Solutions was put forth vindicating that the firm was merely a fabricated business identity with scant social media presence.

"T&C Network Solutions was delisted by the UN Global Compact program on 12 Oct 2016. The delisted entry states that T&C Network solutions failed the program's “Integrity Measures”. It is our conclusion that T&C Network Solutions exhibits the characteristics of a highly suspicious and likely fabricated business entity" the investigation report said.

But the attempt to defame Assange was simply not by a tech company. When investigators dug deep into the case, they were surprised to know that the staff of Democrat's presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was in close contact with the company and there was a sheer possibility of Hillary pressing tech firm to conduct the smear campaign.

Using the Way Back Machine to search for archived web pages listing Todd&Clare’s address, Redditor’s found the fake dating site was listed at the same address as Premise Data Corporation, a tech company in San Francisco.

Then things became interesting and fishy as well. The investigators found that Premise Data’s founder, David Soloff, has ties to Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

He boasted on his Twitter account that he recently spent an hour with Hillary’s Vice Presidential candidate.

Responding to tweets from Redditors, David said "We control all of the drones in the world so we will send them to all the Redditors don't worry"

David protected his tweets but a screenshot of his cached tweets was uploaded on the internet.

But the links to Hillary don't culminate here as the director of the tech firm served as 71st Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton. He was also Director of the National Economic Council under President Obama.

Although Hillary supporters could simply call it a coincidence, Redditors hold a different viewpoint and in their opinion, the tech firm was just being used as a tool by the Hillary Clinton trying out to make her way to the White House despite WikiLeaks release of the secret damaging e-mails of former secretary of state.