Panasonic launches ER-GD60 Next Generation Male grooming device for Pakistanis

02:11 PM | 21 Dec, 2017
Panasonic launches ER-GD60 Next Generation Male grooming device for Pakistanis
ISLAMABAD - Panasonic introduces its next generation male grooming device, the ER-GD60 for the Pakistani market here the other day.


This three-in-one beard trimmer and styler is designed to offer the ultimate in exceptional shaping of men’s beards. The innovative use of Japanese Blade technology effectively captures whiskers and creates a variety of looks like Full Beard, Awared and Goatee.

This three-in-one beard trimmer is multifunctional and allows for designing, trimming and lining of the beard. It combines craftsmanship and the high-tech grip to enjoy a comfortable shave.

The ER-GD60 also comes with two additional attachments for detailed trimming and a comb attachment. The 10mm wide detail trimming offers increased detail design, perfect for difficult areas such as beneath the mouth. The comb attachment allows to adjust the length of the beard to a desired length from 0.5-10mm.

The ER-GD60 features a new washable safety blade which is wide and rounded to prevent irritation for even the most sensitive skin. The beard trimmer also provides up to 50 minutes of cordless charging.

Katsuki Nishimura, Manager - Health & Beauty, Appliances Department, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa, said: “The multifunction, i-shaper, precision trimmer can help you easily style your beard anywhere, anytime, with a clean finish".


"The Japanese blades provide a variety of looks and is designed for all skin types. It gives no irritations and provides with a well-groomed look each day. The GD60 enhances the grooming regime and suits best for the men here, by giving them a smart and stylish look,” Katsuki explained.

The GD60 can run in both directions, horizontally and vertically, on the skin. Besides, the body of the GD60 shaver/trimmer comes with a unique woody design.

Thus, this i-Shaped design is particularly ideal for design-oriented beard styles because it allows to shape and trim the facial hair in a simple and precise way. It also allows users to design various beard styles by achieving sharp lines and detailed styling while trimming.-PR