Ali Sethi will be performing at Harvard Arts Festival Finale

12:48 PM | 21 Mar, 2019
Ali Sethi will be performing at Harvard Arts Festival Finale
HARVARD - Famed  Pakistani artist Ali Sethi has been entertaining the audience with his melodious and strong vocals. In a time where various artists are branching out to experiment with modern music, Ali Sethi revives the roots of classical music with his melodious ghazals.

Ali's latest track Chandni Raat has left audiences in awe, and being liked both locally and internationally.

on latest, the Coke Studio star is all set to touch new heights and will be giving the concluding performance at this year’s Harvard Arts First Festival. This festival is the largest of its kind at any North American university and emphasises the creativeness and talent of students, faculty, alumni and other members of the Harvard community.

Sethi graduated from Harvard in 2006 and went on to earn acclaim as a writer and musician. He is all set to sing poems by iconic South Asian Muslim poets that commemorate diversity, challenge bigotry and extol the virtues of love as fundamental to the human-divine relationship.

He’ll be performing at Harvard’s iconic Sanders Theatre and will be accompanied by his teacher and mentor Professor Ali Asani on stage during his performance.

The Grammy-winning music producer Noah Georgeson will be also present on the stage. Being a student at Harvard, Sethi is always keen to take part in inspiring talks and concerts. Sethi and Professor Ali Asani who is the chair of Indo-Muslim & Islamic Religion & Cultures have been collaborating since Sethi was a student. During his courses on religion and the arts in Muslim cultures, Sethi got to explore various new things.

This latest collaboration that Sethi and his professor are doing, The Covenant of Love is based on the poetic rituals that have historically played a crucial part in influencing Muslim worldviews. It further describes how these views have unfortunately been disregarded in contemporary discourses about Islam.

Sethi has been a breath of fresh air for our music industry and has always turned to Sufi poems in times of distress.

Sethi will be performing at Harvard on May 5, 2019, the concluding event of the four-day festival.