Jim Carrey holds Donald Trump responsible for the Christchurch mosque terror attacks

01:01 PM | 21 Mar, 2019
Jim Carrey holds Donald Trump responsible for the Christchurch mosque terror attacks
LOS ANGELES -  Hollywood actor Jim Carrey believes US President Donald Trump's continued encouragement of divisiveness is the cause of events like last Friday's terror attacks in Christchurch.

After initially paying tribute online (via a poignant self-portrait) to the victims of the shooting at the two Garden City mosques, the Canadian-born Hollywood actor then switched from grief to anger.

"Innocent people are now being slaughtered, families ruined and children's lives destroyed. All in his name," he posted on Sunday (US Time). above a cartoon depicting the 45th American President as a fiery comet screaming toward earth, with a swastika symbol emblazoned on his forehead.

"If the Craven Republican Senate allows this vile miscreant to continue encouraging divisiveness, the Trump Presidency will become an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT," the Eternal Sunshine of the Dumb and Dumber actor continued.

Here is the tweet by Jim Carrey:

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Trump's anti-Muslim stance is well documented. One of his first acts after taking office was to sign an executive order to put a travel ban place for a number of predominantly Muslim countries.

During his 2016 presidential campaign he told CNN's Anderson Cooper that "Islam hates us," and in the months prior, he told Fox News that Muslims were "sick people."

Here is the video clip:

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