PM’s aide on Energy Tabish Gauhar resigns

01:16 PM | 21 Sep, 2021
PM’s aide on Energy Tabish Gauhar resigns

ISLAMABAD – Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Power Tabish Gauhar has resigned from his post, local media reported Tuesday.

Gauhar resigned from the post, around a year after his appointment. He also shared the development on Twitter. “After a year of public service, I’ve decided to call it a day to return to my family. It’s been the privilege of a lifetime to serve the country, to the best of my abilities, in an honorary capacity. I shall remain indebted to the PM for giving me this opportunity”.

Gauhar also mentioned that had no doubts about Hammad Azhar, adding that the Ministry of Energy team will continue to stay the course on structural reforms.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Division issued a notification, saying that PM had accepted the resignation of Gauhar with effect from September 20.

Earlier, former SAPM, in a letter to Hammad Azhar, highlighted a number of challenges in the energy sector and urging that strategies are chalked out and holistic and structural reforms are made to address them.

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He previously resigned over the government's negotiations with the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) however he told media outlets that he resigned due to personal reasons.