Google marks Earth Day with animated doodle, urges everyone to plant trees (VIDEO)

03:32 PM | 22 Apr, 2021
Google marks Earth Day with animated doodle, urges everyone to plant trees (VIDEO)

LAHORE – Search engine Google has a special doodle highlighting the importance of planting trees for our planet on Earth Day.

Earth Day is celebrated globally every year on April 22 to raise public awareness about the environment and inspire people to save and protect it.

Earth Day doodle features an animation of trees, and planting them while the Google logo can also be seen adorned with small leaves over each letter.

This year’s theme is to 'restore our earth' as it emphasizes on adopting natural processes and emerging eco-friendly technologies that can restore ecosystems.

Google doodle has included a short video that plays just as you click on the Doodle. A little girl plants a tree and it eventually grows as she also grows older. The clip continues with a number of people growing trees which eventually leads to a mass plantation.

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“The planet we call home continues to nurture life and inspire wonder. Our environment works hard to sustain us, which calls for us to return the favor. Today’s video Doodle shows a variety of trees being planted within natural habitats, one of the many ways we can do our part to keep our Earth healthy for future generations,” Google said.