Major victory for Saudi women as they finally get the right to file for divorce

10:19 PM | 22 Feb, 2018
Major victory for Saudi women as they finally get the right to file for divorce

It is now officially illegal to force a woman to return to her husband in a failed marriage. Women have now the freedom to file divorce if not happy with their marriages. Saudi Arabia’s ministry of justice will no longer be forcing women to return back to their marital homes.

The Saudi legislators have decided to keep article 75 in mind while resolving divorce cases from now onwards.

“The sentences forcing a woman to return to her marital home shall not be applied” - States the new law

A husband whose wife refuses to reconcile with him has two options , to divorce her or to transfer the case to the court. People on the internet are happy with this news and are celebrating this progress under the hashtag “house of obedience”.

Decision will be in the hands of the woman if she wants to stay with her husband or not by law no one can force her to drag herself down with her failed marriage.

Women are celebrating this milestone:

“I’m elated”

Moment we have all been waiting for:

Laws for the people by the people:

“Thank God this regressive law does not suit us”

The idea of being forced to live with someone is horrible:

“I just learned that a woman could previously be forced to return to her husband.Its great that they made this move. It’s so frustrating to even imagine someone forcing me to live with a man I can no longer stand.”

Next target Guardianship system:

“This is just the beginning... let’s hope the male guardianship system is next.”

Saudi Arabia is stepping into a new progressive world where life of a female is a lot more easier , making history. Women will have more rights and say in their own life.