Bride Makes A Perfect ‘Love Story Lehenga’ And It Is Beautiful

09:20 PM | 22 Jan, 2018
Bride Makes A Perfect ‘Love Story Lehenga’ And It Is Beautiful

Every Bride has a “Dream Lehenga” and for this bride it had to be something out of the box.


India: Kresha Bajaj is a Mumbai based designer who designed her wedding dress and it turned out to be a masterpiece. For this bride her dress had to be EXTRA!

True Piece of Art!

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Bajaj runs her own brand Koëcsh, with the help of her in house embroiderers she created this “love story Lehenga” and it took her three and a half months to complete this beautiful white and gold dress.

She had their names on it too! 

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At first she had no idea where it was going and was worried about how it could be a total disaster but this thought motivated her to work even more passionately. This idea could easily look comical if it’s not done in the right way she explained. When the embroidery started it was exactly how she wanted it to be. The most important part was to include all the important milestones and moments of her love story.

When Bajaj’s husband was asked about the Lehenga he said he had no idea what was going on other than the colour scheme as he was designing her jewelry. He got to see the whole thing in detail after they were done with the Phera’s. Though he noticed the wine glass and dolphins on her dress.

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Due her wedding dress a lot of other clients started to show interest in this creative concept. She will be framing her Lehenga as wedding dresses are not to be boxed up for life.

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