What is your Snap Chat personality?

11:23 PM | 23 Jan, 2017
What is your Snap Chat personality?
Since it was launched in 2012, Snapchat has been hugely popular. There is little that people do without making a snap story of it and making sure friends, enemies and frenemies watch their adventures and endeavors.

So we compiled a list of types of Snapchat friends. If you are a regular user of the application, find out what your Snapchat personality is.

1.The Dog aka the kutta

This person views all the snaps you send to them. They open the snaps immediately but do not reply for hours or reply at all. You’ve thought about chewing their head off multiple times.

2.The Love Me Please

This friend sends you snaps of them almost every day. Selfies of them are not a scarcity in your world. You’ve replied many times to tell them they look like Angelina but now you’re tired and you ignore the besiege of your snap space with quiet reserve.

3.The Jasoos

This friend views all your snap stories even the ones you don’t post (superfluous sarcasm). You forget they were added on your list but then their name appears to have seen all you posted and that scares you sometimes.


Whenever you post a story, you filter the cusses ( galli galloch) from your  captions because you know that the news will most definitely reach your dead grandfather also.

5.The Party Kid

This friend is always out or at another friend’s place. You are not sure if they have a home at all or not because you’ve never seen them in one. You’ve seen them intoxicated, in their PJ’s, in their party wear and you’ve seen stuff you wish you were doing. (wink wink)

6.The Sughar

They bake cakes, they are mostly at home and when they do go out you’ll end up watching that snap story till your grandchildren graduate.

7.The Comedian

Their captions are why you open your application. It might just be a picture of their toe but it’ll make you el o el and kinda make your day.

8.The Artsy one

Deep captions and cool photography raises their coolness points by 206 and your insecurity by a thousand.

9.The Infinite

This friend feeds on Snapchat like a vamp hungry for blood. If they could make stories while they slept, you’d see them. You have not, to date, ever seen their entire snap story because whenever you start, you’ve begun to get wrinkles.

10.The Modest

This friend posts so little on snap chat on accounts of not seeming too irritating, that their stories are but that. They post a snap for 2 , 3 seconds and you scratch your head wondering if that was a picture of a cow or Mount Kilimanjaro.


So which one are you?