Turkey launching 50 new development projects in Pakistan this year

10:17 PM | 23 Jan, 2022
Turkey launching 50 new development projects in Pakistan this year

LAHORE – The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) will be launching almost 50 new projects in Pakistan in 2022 to help the South Asian country in development of its education, health, and agriculture sectors.

The announcement was made by Muhsin Balci, the program coordinator for Pakistan, for TIKA’s 30th anniversary. The stat-run aid agency was set up in 1992 to help countries in various sectors following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

"TIKA is now working in more than 150 countries and we have done more than 30,000 projects since our establishment in different countries. In these projects we share our knowledge and expertise in the field of education, health, and agriculture with countries from the Balkans to Africa, from the Middle East to Latin America," a state-run Turkish news agency quoted Balci as saying.

According to Anadolu Agency report, he visited the digitization center for the preservation of rare books in a library founded by TIKA at Quaid e Azam University and also toured the Baitussalam Welfare Trust, where students showcased a performance with robots at the Blatu Hub Technology Lab that was established by TIKA in 2018.

"Pakistan is full of talent and it gives us immense pleasure to give technical support to our brother nation. Pakistan is no foreign country for us. This nation has supported us unconditionally, and our hearts beat for each other," said Balci.

He said that Turkey is expanding its support from education to health and the agriculture sector in Pakistan, adding: “The departments and companies come to us for our technical support and we try our best to give the best of the best service. Our aim is to start more than 50 projects this year in Pakistan that will facilitate the organizations in fostering young talent.”

The Turkish aid agency has also undertaken various projects including safe drinking water in various parts of Pakistan. 

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