Humeira Arshad and Ahmed Butt get divorced

02:22 PM | 24 Apr, 2019
Humeira Arshad and Ahmed Butt get divorced
LAHORE - Things had been pretty nasty for famous pop singer Humaira Arshad and her actor husband Ahmed Butt for quite some time now.

According to local media reports, Humera Arshad and Ahmed Butt have divorced each other and Arshad has given Butt the custody of their son.

“Our divorce was ultimately finalised on Monday after mutual understanding. This divorce was a mutual decision and neither of us has any complaints with each other. We did this for our son, for his future. I am satisfied with my divorce and will now focus on my work and singing career as new opportunities are coming my way,” said the singer while speaking to a local news outlet.

Her ex-husband did not sound as composed as she did. “We have finally divorced each other and I have the custody of our son. Humaira Arshad is longer related to me. I also request Humaira Arshad to no longer refer to me as her husband on any platform,” he said.

Around 12 years ago, singer Humera married model Ahmad. The two have a seven-year-old son named Ali Muttaqeen together.