Sonya Hussyn settles feud with Mathira after bullying accusations

03:00 PM | 24 Jun, 2021
Sonya Hussyn settles feud with Mathira after bullying accusations

Sonya Hussyn and Mathira created a furore on the internet with the latter’s claims of getting bullied and called a 'shemale' by the Saraab star.

Even though the duo is back on being sisters now, earlier there was a lot of bad blood. Spreading like wildfire, Mathira made a bombshell revelation about Sonya calling her derogatory terms and hitting her below the belt in her hard times.

"I hope you remember how you bullied me, titled me shemale, and called me names on our way to the IPPA Awards in London. I still remember crying, I still managed to help her out because she [Sonya] seemed lost and her English isn't very good. I was still kind but this woman didn't say sorry or thank you," 

Apologizing and clearing her misunderstanding, Hussyn settled the dispute over a call with Mathira. The Azaadi star took to her Instagram stories to share that she had spoken to Mathira on call and was glad that “all her misunderstandings have been cleared.”

Further, she added “Depression is real and very difficult to deal with. Hearing that Mathira had to deal with it alone was indeed heartbreaking. If anyone needs it, I’m just a call away.”

Addressing Mathira directly, the Ishq Zehanseeb said, “You’re like a sister to me, and I’ll always wish you the best.”

Mirroring Sonya and reciprocating the love. Mathira wrote "Yes, sisters forever. United we stand," Mathira penned, adding, "I was hurt hence I spoke up. It's off my chest, I feel better."

The following exchange ending on a positive note comes as a breath of fresh air amid an array of tiffs and spats among our celebrities.