Social media celebrates Modi's win

02:58 PM | 24 May, 2019
Social media celebrates Modi's win
LAHORE - Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) secured a landslide victory in Indian general elections with premier Narendra Modi committing to end the caste system in the country.

In his victory speech on Thursday, Modi expressed that a new India was being built in which the affluent class would contribute.

“We are now building a new India and the first thing to end in this New India will be this caste system that holds us back and divides us. From here on there will only be 2 castes, one caste is ‘poor’ and the other caste is of those who will contribute in every smallest way possible to help those who need to be brought out of poverty,” he said.

The BJP leader said biggest turnout has been in this election and that too in temperatures of more than 40 degrees across the country, in this burning summer heat.

Social media is celebrating Modi's win!