10 things you need to know before getting into a relationship

06:08 PM | 24 Nov, 2016
10 things you need to know before getting into a relationship

Getting emotionally involved is the ultimate best thing that can happen to a human. If you want to make your relationship long lasting and strongly bonded, you must keep the following in your mind.

1. It is never about you. You must keep the other person, his emotions and needs ahead of everything.

2. (This is more of a tip for guys, girls can skip to the next one.) You must teach yourself to be convinced by arguments. Making arguments can go on till eternity unless you call it a day. As soon as the point is made, you must acknowledge it.

3. There is no grace in saving your ego. You will be hurt, dishonoured and sometimes even degraded. If the relationship is more important to you, never let it go just because of your ego. (This too seems to be for guys. I pardon girls for making them having to read this.)

4. Don’t get ‘too close’ unless you know that the feelings are not just timely but they are true and deep inside you. You should talk and mutually set your limits. (Although the limits are bullsh*t. No! I am not suggesting anything. I’m just saying. If you know what I mean.)

5. The strongest of the men must bow under the weight of love. (The ladies need not do anything of this kind.)

6. Heart leads your way home. If your heart doesn’t tell you to go home, believe me, the relation is just a timely crush and not an everlasting one.

7. Time is the key to satisfaction. No! I mean you should give a very proper and dedicated time to your partner. Discuss your feeling and listen to other one as well. The more time you spend together, the more feelings and thoughts you share, the better it gets.

8. Never disrespect your partner; in gatherings or in your private time. No one likes not to be given the due respect. Make them feel that they are special and you are concerned about them.

9. Keep saying, “I Love You!”. It never gets older and boring. It always keeps soothing the soul of your partner as I say that every time you say I love you, a wound is healed and a duty is done.

10. The most important thing in a relationship is appreciating the little things like her eyebrows, his little curve in hair right above the left ear, the pizza she made, the perfume he gifted, the way he deals with the things and her style of walking. The littler it is, the bigger it is.

Finally, never forget that no matter who you are, no matter what you do, the lonely life is the best one. As soon as you get into a relationship, you are doomed!

P.S. Daily Pakistan might say that they don’t necessarily agree with me. If they do so, please don’t believe them!