PIA airlifts 273 Pakistanis from Chengdu

02:56 PM | 25 Jul, 2020
PIA airlifts 273 Pakistanis from Chengdu

BEIJING – A special flight of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) transported 273 returning Pakistani nationals from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport to Pakistan.

In view of the disruption of commercial flight operations, it was PIA's fifth special flight from China to transport Pakistani nationals from Chengdu and adjoining areas back home on Friday night, according to a statement issued by Pakistan Embassy Beijing on Saturday.

The Embassy of Pakistan thanked the Chinese government and relevant authorities for their constant support to make this flight operation successful.

The returning businessmen and students had been stranded in Chengdu and adjoining areas and continued staying in China after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

The Embassy and relevant consulate general remained in close contact with the Pakistani nationals Chengdu and adjoining areas and extended all possible assistance to them.

All passengers upon arriving in Pakistan would be subject to relevant procedures of Government of Pakistan for containing the spread of disease.