Chris to Zoya: Will never forget time spent with you

09:51 PM | 25 May, 2021
Chris to Zoya: Will never forget time spent with you

German vlogger Christian Betzmann on Tuesday paid an emotional tribute to his former lady love Zoya Nasir just a couple of days after the two broke up. 

Chris took to Instagram to share what he said was their “first and last post together”. The vlogger seemed to have no ill will as he wished the Pakistani actress all the very best. 

“This was our first and our last Post together," he began. 

"I had such an amazing Time with you and will never forget these past 1.5 Years. Unfortunately we both have different views on Life and want a different Future.

"I continue to wish you all the best in Life. Thank you for all the Love and support you have shown us as a couple and as two individuals moving forward."

Zoya announced her breakup with Chris a couple of days ago and cited his fiance’s comments about Pakistan and the situation in Palestine as reason for the parting of their ways.

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