Saudi Arabia to resume Pakistan flights in November

05:10 PM | 25 Oct, 2020
Saudi Arabia to resume Pakistan flights in November

ISLAMABAD – Saudi Arabia's national carrier Saudia announced it will resume flights to 33 international destinations, including five Pakistani cities, in November.

The airline resumed international flights to 20 destinations after months of travel disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, when authorities partially lifted the suspension of international flights on September 15.

Saudia said the flights will be available to passengers who are permitted to travel under Saudi Arabia's coronavirus safety measures.

The Pakistani air ports it will resume travel to are Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Peshawar, Arab news reported .

Other destinations include major international capitals across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Saudia travelers who are going to the US will only be able to fly to Washington.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said it will end all restrictions on air, land and sea transport next year.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Saudia operated flights to more than 85 destinations worldwide.