Russia crowdfunds 1 billion Rubles for military cathedral in two weeks

11:13 AM | 25 Sep, 2018
Russia crowdfunds 1 billion Rubles for military cathedral in two weeks
MOSCOW - A staggering 1 billion rubles ($14,6 million) were collected by the Russian charitable foundation Voskreseniye for building the main church of Russian Military Forces - in just two weeks.

According to the foundation press service, the fundraising was announced on September 4 at a conference call of the Russian Defense Ministry with midshipman of the North Fleet becoming the first donor followed by Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoygu.

The church will become a spiritual and educational hub for troops, Orthodox priests and citizens of Russia. The new facility will feature an exposition dedicated to the history of setting up the Russian state and the armed forces.

The compound will be built on the territory of Military-Patriotic Park,  Kubinka -  a place tucked around an hour’s drive from the Russian capital of Moscow.

Military theme park in Kubinka

The church will be 95-meter high (including the cross), while the total square of the building is 10,950 sq. m; about 6,000 people would be able to perform religious rituals at a time within the building.

The cathedral will have multiple altars, the central of which will be dedicated to the main Christian feast, resurrection, while the others would be dedicated to heavenly protectors of different kinds of the Military forces.