Taliban respond as Pakistani PM expresses concerns over use of Afghan soil by terrorists

03:00 PM | 25 Sep, 2022
Taliban respond as Pakistani PM expresses concerns over use of Afghan soil by terrorists
Source: @PakPMO (Twitter)/File Photo

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif raised concerns over the use of Afghan soil by terrorists for activities against Pakistan during his speech at the United Nations, however, Kabul refuted such claims, saying no terror group is present in Afghanistan.

In the presence of world leaders, the Pakistani premier highlighted worries over the presence of terrorist organisations in war-torn nation. 

As PM Shehbaz mentioned the threat posed by the terror groups operating from Afghanistan, especially Daesh and Tehreek e Taliban, the interim government called it incorrect information, saying such territory of Afghanistan will not be used against any other country nor does any armed group currently have a presence in Afghanistan.

“Rather than raising unsubstantiated concerns and allegations, the world should engage positively with the Islamic Emirate by sharing their view and concerns directly and not through the media or public statements,” Afghan foreign officials said.

Tension remains high between neighboring countries in recent times as several terror outfits including TTP increased attacks on Pakistan security forces from sanctuaries inside Afghanistan.

Islamabad even called on world communities not to abandon Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

Lately, Pakistan started an Afghan brokered peace agreement with the TTP, but that failed, despite many clerics and tribal elders visited Kabul.

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Earlier this month, Taliban blamed Pakistan's armed forces' attempt to build a security post at Durand Line, which caused multiple deaths on both sides.

Pakistan Army said terrorists from inside Afghanistan opened fire on Pakistani troops stationed in Kurram, resulting in heavy casualties for the insurgents.