Pakistan ranks among worst countries in human freedom: Report

11:43 AM | 26 Aug, 2015
Pakistan ranks among worst countries in human freedom: Report
LAHORE (Staff Report) - Pakistan ranks 140th in Human Freedom Index report, which measures personal, civic and economic freedom of the people of 152 countries.

Human Freedom Index  2015 report, published by Fraser Institute in collaboration with the Institute of Economic Analysis,  presents a broad measure of human freedom based on 76 distinct indicators of personal and economic freedom in the following areas:

Rule of Law ■ Security and Safety ■ Movement ■ Religion ■ Association, Assembly, and Civil Society ■ Expression ■ Relationships ■ Size of Government ■ Legal System and Property Rights ■ Access to Sound Money ■ Freedom to Trade Internationally ■ Regulation of Credit, Labor, and Business

Pakistan has some of the lowest rankings in the global average measurement of each indicator, particularly Relationships (0/7.31), Rule of Law (3.5/5.27) and Religion (4.2/7.13).

Among other South Asian countries, India ranks 75th, Bangladesh 135th, Myanmar 150th and Sri Lanka 122nd. However, 12 countries that rank lower than Pakistan are, Republic of Congo, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Algeria, Central African Republic, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Democratic Republic of Congo and Iran.