5 Instagram accounts you should follow!

10:32 PM | 26 Dec, 2017
5 Instagram accounts you should follow!

In a world full of Insta famous people here are five accounts you should follow: 

1) Cory Richards: 

Rochards is a National Geographic photojournalist who has 948K followers. His posts include pictures of communities, nature and art. He has captured captivating images of Mount Everest.



2) Ian Somerhalder: 

This vampire diaries heat throb has got  12.6 Million followers on his Instagram where he not only posts pictures with his amazing wife giving goals but also posts his perfectly clicked photos. Follow him to keep up with the #superfoods. *EYE CANDY*


3) Wordporn: 

Good quote of the the day of good words of the day are delivered to you everyday sending good vibes on your way. Need a little extra something? Follow Wordporn.



4) Kat Dennings: 

If want to follow a themed profile of photographs from everyday things to a special something you have got it all. 2.6 million followers are interested in artsy photos by Kat. She is just a usual girl with love for her cat and pjs’s.


5) Zoella: 

This beauty goodness will not only give you beauty goals but also life hack and hauls from different places. You can catch her on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Giving reviews and photography goals. Follow her now!! She has an impressive amount of followers ; 11.2 million.