Joe Biden orders first military action in Syria

10:27 AM | 26 Feb, 2021
joe biden

WASHINGTON – Just over a month after taking oath as POTUS, Joe Biden ordered his first military action in Syria on Friday.

According to the Pentagon, the air strikes were targeted towards an Iranian militia in a response to the two weeks earlier rocket attack on US forces in the region.

It is estimated the attack has killed about 17 militants however exact number is yet to be verified.

US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin said that he was ‘confident’ the strike by the American forces struck the same militants involved in the rocket attacks on the US and coalition forces.

American forces believe the site they struck is the location of a smuggling operation conducted by the militia. A US official said that the main aim of the operation was to thwart the militia's ability to carry out attacks.

The decision, Austin clarified, had been taken by the US president and authorised on Thursday morning after he recommended that action be taken against the militants.

Speaking to the press, Austin said that the US was "confident in the target we went after", adding that "we know what we hit".

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