Here's what to recite in second Ashra of Ramazan

01:07 PM | 26 May, 2018
Here's what to recite in second Ashra of Ramazan

LAHORE - The month of Ramazan is one of the most beloved and blessed months in the Islamic calendar and the rewards that a Muslim can reap are countless.

The blessings of Ramazan are countless and it is divided into three parts (Ashra) of ten days each.

The three Ashra of Ramadan each comes with its own significance and the second Ashra has finally descended upon us.

Although Muslims are urged to pray whatever they want in the holy month, even then the three Ashras are specifically designated for the following;

  • Rehmat: “Mercy of Allah
  • Maghfirah: “Forgiveness of Allah“
  • Najat: “Salvation”


The second phase of Ramadan is all about asking for forgiveness and peace from the Almighty Allah.

The devotees can seek an apology for the past mistakes and wrongdoings, alter their deeds and forgive anyone who has wronged them as well. If Allah can forgive us for our sins and wrongdoings, then we too can extend this courtesy to our fellows.

A Muslim should invoke God’s mercy and forgiveness throughout the second Ashra via this dua:

So, 11th to 20th Ramazan is dedicated to forgiveness and Muslims should strive hard to prostrate before the Almighty Allah as He is the most merciful and the most beneficent.