AAIB starts investigations into PIA plane crash incident

10:48 AM | 26 May, 2020
AAIB starts investigations into PIA plane crash incident

KARACHI - Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB) team has commenced its investigations into the Pakistan Air Lines (PIA) plane crash incident and is collecting evidences from the accident site to determine the cause of the crash.

According to a PIA spokesperson, a ten-member technical team, having expertise in handling queries regarding air crash incidents, has been attached with the investigations to support the investigation body.

The Spokesperson said government has expressed the desire that the investigation team should ensure impartial and transparent inquiry.

He said any individual of relevant institution or department will not be included in the investigation team so that he may not influence the investigation process.

Meanwhile, out of 97 deaths in PIA plane crash, 39 dead bodies have been handed over to the families.

Remaining 56 dead bodies are held at two mortuaries and awaiting DNA match and identification which have already been commenced.

On Friday, the PIA plane crashed into a narrow residential street in Karachi, dealing significant damage to houses in a densely-populated area. Out of the 99 people aboard, 97 were killed and only two passengers survived.