Female artists from Karachi explore conscience through their artistic work

04:59 PM | 27 Feb, 2019
Female artists from Karachi explore conscience through their artistic work
Paintings seemed to be the best way to explain the perceptions and self-awareness by the four female artists in a group exhibition at Artscene Gallery in Karachi. They share their insightful and philosophical interception of life through figures and forms.

Illustrating abstract, figurative art and landscapes, their artworks highlights the basic themes of social consciousness and self-consciousness.

Their inspirations come from direct observations of the society and therefore the viewers can easily relate to what they can see. Sharing happy and sad moments, these women expressed their emotions and thoughts through variegated forms.

Almost all the paintings were in vibrant colours exuding invigorating energy while every illustration was creative, with some representing symbolic expressions.

Hafsa Shaikh made a painting of a window blurred by raindrops giving her paintings a new style. This depicts how reality becomes indefinite when seen through the other’s perspectives.

                                Hafsa Shaikh

Hafsa stresses upon the concept of facts not being clear, people becoming confused and invent their own conclusions that differ from reality.

                                                                      Hafsa Shaikh 

Imrana was another artist, whose paintings reflected experiences from her own life as she painted different figures of men and women that either reflected her own character or the ones she came across in life.


Moreover, Maham Siddiqui’s artworks depicted hidden meanings of words as she painted bundles of old newspapers both English and Urdu to show that the newspapers have secret and invisible intentions which must be understood.

                            Maham Siddiqui

Another talented artist, Zarmena Aslam, explored the journey of a woman’s life based on the conditions and limitations of society. According to her paintings, the life of a woman is classified into various stages as she goes through different phases during her lifetime and wants to express her thoughts and opinion as well.

                              Zarmena Aslam

Zarmena is a feminist and through her emblematic artistic works, she represented women in harmony with nature. Surrounded by plants and butterflies the women’s gestures were composed and peaceful, while the red colour that dominated her artwork signifies happiness along with spiritual pleasure.