Sindh gets much needed Rescue 1122 as complete package of rescue, relief and rehabilitation

08:45 PM | 27 Jun, 2022
Sindh gets much needed Rescue 1122 as complete package of rescue, relief and rehabilitation

Sindh has been deprived of proper health care facilities and emergency care systems for years and has desperately needed a solution to alleviate the issue.

This solution, "Rescue 1122", comes as an initiative by the Sindh Rehabilitation Department's PDMA, in accordance with its project, Sindh Resilience Project. 

The initiative aims to provide Sindh with a proper emergency care system, encompassing ambulances, fire and water rescue training and equipment, disaster emergency response training, and community safety programs.

The PDMA and Sindh Government-backed initiative was inaugurated at Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) on the 31st of May 2022. Several provincial ministers who share the same vision graced the event with their presence, including Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, Saeed Ghani, Bari Pitafi, Shahela Raza, CM Advisors, Murtaza Wahab, and Haji Rasool Bux.

Initially, fifty ambulances are for service, with 230 cumulatively committed across the province.

During the last decade, there have been several reported deaths due to ambulances not reaching on time. For ages, the people of Sindh have been deprived of the fundamental human right to availability of timely pre-hospital emergency care. There is a 95% chance of an injured person dying on the road and not getting an ambulance on time. Similarly, emergency services like fire rescue and disaster response have been virtually non-existent.

The Rescue 1122 service is a vital initiative for the healthcare sector of Sindh, which has been made possible due to the relentless efforts of Project Director - SRP, Ghulam Asghar, and Director Rescue - 1122, Dr. Abid Jalaluddin Shaikh.