Gilgit Baltistan unveils Rs119bn budget for FY 2022-23

09:57 PM | 27 Jun, 2022
Gilgit Baltistan unveils Rs119bn budget for FY 2022-23
Source: @Sheikh4PTI (Twitter)

GILGIT – Finance minister of sparsely populated Gilgit Baltistan region Javed Ali Manwa proposed a budget of Rs119 billion in the provincial assembly on Monday (today).

Manwa addressing the assembly session announced that Rs47.88 billion were allotted for the development and construction. Rs 9.81 billion in wheat subsidy was proposed while federal projects are given Rs18.50 billion.

Unutilized funds of nearly Rs 8 billion from the last fiscal year will also be included in the current budget. 

Rs1.20 billion were allocated for the health sector, Rs2.25 billion for education, and Rs121.725 million has been allocated for industries.

The provincial administration of the northernmost province also announced a 15 percent increment in salaries. The minimum wage for government employees was increased to 25,000.

Finance minister Manwa also recommended paying 25 percent DRA of the basic salary to Grade 20 officers in Gilgit Biltistan.