OPPO F5: The first FHD+ AI Beautification Technology phone

01:22 PM | 27 Nov, 2017
OPPO F5: The first FHD+ AI Beautification Technology phone
KARACHI - OPPO has already surpassed many giant smartphone makers and became the second best-selling 4G smartphone brand in Pakistan earlier in September.

With consistent growth and ever-evolving scope of work, OPPO always comes with a unique product every time. Recently, it launched OPPO F5 all over the globe with a bang and introduced its new slogan ‘Selfie Expert and Leader’.

We firmly believe in the generation of the word ‘LEADER’ in a slogan as it has captured a huge market in Pakistan.

OPPO F5 is packed with its flagship feature ‘FHD+ phone with AI Beautification Technology’ for the first time in Pakistan and has become a trendsetter in smartphone photography.

It identifies shapes and facial structures based on a global database. The A.I. technology having the ability to emulate those professional skills that can help selfies look vivid and natural.

If you are tired of dark selfies even in the lights, say goodbye to them and experience a new journey of photography all over again with the real AI beautification technology which can make any selfie look beautiful. For the rear camera, the 16MP rear camera is excellent even in low light. Moreover, OPPO F5 helps you ‘Capture the Real You’.

Bigger is always better

A new generation of smartphone with full HD plus resolution has arrived. OPPO started a major revolution in display marketing by introducing the full high definition screen.

OPPO F5’s FHD + full-screen view makes it more valuable and a worth buying gadget packed with 20MP selfie camera. Along with the F1.8 aperture, the rear camera also performs brilliantly for brighter and more eye-catchy shots.

These days smartphones are not merely used as phones; it’s an era of mobile multitasking and for this purpose, smartphone makers are revamping the traditional screen view.

The best advantage is that bigger display enables more content to be shown, particularly advantageous in case of browsing online. A tiny screen is fine in case you're texting or making a call, however, once you endeavour to read, watch movies and play games, a big or full screen feature is a blessing. With the 6-inch full-screen display, OPPO F5 has a cutting-edge technology.

OPPO F5 succeeds on multiple levels. Attractive has large, immersive screen display packed with competent cameras in multiple conditions. Long lasting battery time and performance is good enough for most tasks simultaneously.