How to check traffic e-challan online?

03:27 PM | 27 Oct, 2018
How to check traffic e-challan online?

LAHORE — Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) in collaboration with the City Traffic Police (CTP) has introduced the e-challan system in Punjab’s capital.

The new system identifies violators with the help of modern Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras which have been installed by PSCA across different roads of the city.

The violators will receive the e-challan instruments at their addresses registered against their vehicle IDs. Violators can also check and print the e-challan online.

Online Check

Citizens can check their violation status online by visiting  PSCA website.

By placing vehicle registration and CNIC number citizen can check their status, moreover, they can also print the e-challan.

The Electronic Ticketing Center (ETC) of Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) since the inception of Electronic Challenging on September 23, has issued more than 75,000 e-challans which ensured a deposit of more than Rs.7 million to the national exchequer so far.

Initially, the e-challan will be issued on the violation of the red signal, however, those involved in other kinds of traffic violations will also be dealt with electronically.