Expanding the skin colour palette, beauty industry leader celebrates inclusive beauty with their recent powerful anthem

03:56 PM | 27 Oct, 2020

Glow and Lovely, the skincare brand is previously known to many as Fair and Lovely became the centre of attention after disclosing the change of the brand’s name. Accelerating its decade long evolution towards representing the diverse all-inclusive beauty, the brand also announced dropping words like ‘fairness’, ‘whitening’ and ‘lightening.’ No doubt, this historic step was just the beginning of the transition. More recently the brand launched the first of its kind anthem packed with powerful lyrics and fierce personalities. 

The concept echoes the message of confidently embracing one’s identity, fighting for dreams, being limitless even amidst odds. Motivating and empowering, performed by Aima Baig, the anthem also features an array of talented strong women including the likes of the first Pakistani female table player, Sumaira Waris and the Pakistan female football team captain, Hajra Khan, to name a few. Embracing not just diversity in skin colour, the brand goes a step ahead while selecting unconventional female avatars to narrate the message of positive all-inclusive beauty. 

Sparking a revolution, the chorus of the anthem echoes, “mitti ke 100 Rung hein. Aik rung main aik rung tu.” The brand blatantly expands and recognizes the Pakistani skin color palette. The messaging is disruptive unlike previous communications and the right step towards the evolution of the brand. The anthem not only gives more power to women, it also encourages to awaken their ‘inner glow’. The same ‘inner glow’ that arises from the confidence of pursuing dreams, while also indicating what the product has always offered – smooth even and clear skin that is healthy and well cared for.   

Being the industry leader, no doubt that Glow and Lovely have paved the way for an all-inclusive multidimensional outlook of beauty. However, the question remains, will the Pakistani consumer and the market be ready to welcome the change?