All that glitters is… 24 karat GOLD SHOES!

04:39 PM | 28 Apr, 2016
All that glitters is… 24 karat GOLD SHOES!
DUBAI (Web Desk) - Everything that glitters is not gold, but the glittering Italian shoes and sandals displayed at the Leatherworld Middle East exhibition in Dubai are covered with real 24k gold.

A pair of golden shoes is available for a whopping €18,000 (Dh 74,870) price.

The price-tag of a pair of platinum shoes is €20,000 (Dh83,190), and the silver-finished pair cost €3,000 (12,480).


These unique handmade leather shoes are launched for the first time in the region by A&E Fashion Group, according to Antonio Vietri from Eduardo Vietri, an Italian company.

The custom-made shoes are produced by Italian master craftsmen who hold the world patent for the design, the Emirates247 reports.


The UAE has been a haven of luxury spending and the retail value for the UAE’s luxury leather goods market, including wallets, bags, purses, handbags and accessories, grew 14 per cent year-on-year, valuing $413 million, with this expected to nearly double in size by 2020, when the market will be worth $800 million.

Antonio explained that 250 grams of gold is used to make the golden shoes. “We have received many serious visitors at the stall and we hope to sell some units in the Middle East,” he said.

Last week many Italian jewelers displayed heavy gold outfits like jackets, belts, skirts and other accessories at an exhibition in Dubai World Trade Center.