OPPO 1 Hour Flash Fix - Fast, Reliable,and Convenient Repair Service

06:03 PM | 28 Aug, 2020
OPPO 1 Hour Flash Fix - Fast, Reliable,and Convenient Repair Service

LAHORE - OPPO brings its Flash Repair Service to provide customers with an easy and quick fix of smartphone within a one-hour duration.

Fast - Speedy repair service. OPPO Care offers all customers our premium 1-hour flash fix service. 

Reliable - All spare parts are directly supplied and distributed by the official OPPO factory which is then repaired by professional staff. We ensure the security of information of our customers, so you can feel relaxed during the flash fix service. 

Additionally, we provide free phone cases and screen protectors on-site in the customer service centre, free software maintenance service, and a variety of activities to explore while you wait for your flash fix!

Comfortable - Our service centres are easy to find, well furnished with private seating, complimentary drinks, and good customer service. We provide our customers with a comfortable and clean atmosphere within our centres.

OPPO always give priority to customer satisfaction. OPPO customer, Mr Ahad shared his service experience with OPPO

“I think the best service provider at the moment is the OPPO Mobile Company. My friend's mobile was powered off and he asked me to accompany him to the OPPO service centre in Rahim Yar Khan. I agreed to go with him as he was very upset.

My friend works online and had important data on his phone. He wanted to get the mobile fixed as soon as possible. When we reached the office, the atmosphere was very good. We got the token number from the token machine. All the staff was wearing masks and hand sanitizers were available on every table. The receptionist called us at the reception and inquired about the issue. She listened and replied very politely and took my friend's mobile to the technician. After 40 minutes the mobile was repaired.

Honestly, I have never seen a better service than this and the staff was very cooperative. It was very impressive seeing the good attitude of the staff. I sold my Samsung S8 and bought OPPO F15 which is a slim smartphone with an excellent camera result. Great Service, best of Luck OPPO, best mobile. Now I am an all-time fan of OPPO mobiles. I love OPPO”