Pakistan Navy rescues Yemeni cargo ship stranded for 10 days

12:26 PM | 28 Nov, 2017
Pakistan Navy rescues Yemeni cargo ship stranded for 10 days
ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Navy rescued a Yemeni cargo vessel stranded in the Gulf of Aden by taking it to Somalian shores, said a press release issued here on Monday.

A Yemeni cargo ship namely ABDAIHAN of Yemen stopped working while sailing towards Somalia. The ship and its crew were stranded in the open sea and had been waiting for assistance.

"Upon investigation, it was revealed that the boat left Boosaaso (Somalia) on November 17 for transporting fish to Al Mukalla (Yemen)," the PR said.

The crew of the board was in critical condition for being short of food, water and necessary medicine. The PNS TARIQ provided sufficient food items and drinking water along with ready meals to the crew of the dhow.

Yemeni Coast Guard and owner of dhow were informed of recovery of the dhow. PNS TARIQ also conducted a towing operation for 10 hours in the rough sea and left the dhow close to the Somalian shores for further assistance by Somalian authorities.

Master and crew of the dhow thanked the PN for timely assistance. The PN maintains a high degree of readiness, both in peace and war, to undertake a range of military, constabulary, diplomatic and benign operations, the press release added.